Favre-a-paloosa Strikes Again

18 Aug

I sometimes wonder if Brett Favre was a middle-child who resented not getting enough attention and is now taking it out on the football fans of America.

According to Jay Glazer, the senior NFL writer for Fox Sports, the question of whether Brett Favre will be playing for the Vikings is far from settled. Glazer’s sources have led him to believe that Favre will still sign with the Minnesota Vikings. Apparently, in football it ain’t over even when the grizzled, gray-bearded quarterback sings the retirement song.

I’m tired. Tired, tired, tired. One can take only so much Brett Favre drama. For months we have been dancing the will-he won’t-he sign with the Vikings dance. One day it would seem like he wanted to stay retired, the next that he wanted to play again.

Because I want my team to have a deep play-off run (please God, more than once in a decade!), I was willing to let go of the fact that Favre was our ancient enemy for so many years when he played with Green Bay. It wasn’t easy and I felt a little dirty about it, but the prospect of having a Hall of Fame quarterback leading the Vikings helped me get in touch with my shallow opportunistic side.

All  summer we were treated to images of Favre testing the strength of his surgically repaired biceps tendon. Trainers from the Vikings staff went down to Mississippi (and Mississippi steaming away in the summer sun can’t be an ideal vacation place) to work with Favre and make sure his rehab and conditioning went well. Then, with all the gall of a guy who leads a girl to think he will ask her to the prom and then, at the last minute, doesn’t, the gray-beard from Mississippi opted to stay retired.

When I heard that Favre said no to the Minnesota Vikings, I was so annoyed that I stomped around cursing and didn’t read anything about football for two weeks. There is nothing quite like sacrificing your dignity for the sake of a deep play-off run, only to find it was all for nothing. Granted, it was pretty easy not to read about Vikings football because I was in Michigan, but I like to think I made a stand.

And now, the rumors are starting all over again. Supposedly, Jay Glazer’s sources among the Vikings players and in the team’s front office seem to think that it is a done deal and that Favre is just waiting out the tedium of preseason before he dons purple. Well, I have had enough.

Football is a team sport. Team. After the Randy Moss years in Minnesota, I think everyone knows that catering to selfish, glory-mongering, prima donnas doesn’t necessarily help the overall team. Shocker. And, despite his good arm, ability to read the blitz, play west-coast style offense, throw across his body, and other lovely stuff, Brett Favre is clearly a prima donna who doesn’t give two hoots for the rest of the team. So the question is, If he finally does deign to play for the Minnesota Vikings after all this, how much will all the drama surrounding his signing affect team performance and cohesion?

Well, I don’t know. And I’m really not sure what I will do if he finally does cut the crap and put on a purple jersey. I suppose that if Favre, as a personal favor to me, manages to help my team to a championship win, it will take the sting out of wrestling with my self-loathing–DAMMIT!

Just as I have been writing this, Favre signed with the Minnesota Vikings. Coach Brad Childress just picked him up at the airport. Couldn’t the guy wait a day so my blog wouldn’t be obsolete before it was posted. Let the wrestling with my self-loathing begin.

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One response to “Favre-a-paloosa Strikes Again

  1. jonathan

    August 18, 2009 at 11:18 PM

    Hah! Obsolete. What a shame. You certainly don’t have strong feelings about this. Would be interesting if they won a Super Bowl with Favre.


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