The Bibliophile Presents: Reading New (To Me) Authors Part 2

14 Jun

Well, I might not have been totally true to my word when on Friday I said I would post my book reviews steadily for the next couple days, however, since no one complained I don’t think it matters too much. Besides, I can just say I’m only posting on business days. So, today, in honor of Monday, we have a book by Charlaine Harris.

Real Murders by Charlaine Harris. I didn’t know anything about Charlaine Harris and then suddenly I saw her books everywhere. Harris is probably more well-known for her southern vampire stories featuring Sookie Stackhouse, the basis for HBO’s series True Blood. Real Murders, however, is the first in Harris’s mystery series featuring librarian and true crime reader Aurora Teagarden. When a murderer kills one of the members of her Real Murders club, a group that gathers to discuss historical murder cases, Aurora finds herself dragged into the investigation because the murderer seems to be mimicking the style of the notorious murders that the group studies and discusses. I wanted to like Real Murders because the protagonist is a librarian (my mom was a librarian) and because there were already so many books in the series, but the book just didn’t really grab me. However, I’m willing to try another Aurora Teagarden mystery or some of the Sookie Stackhouse books, I’ve been told that the vampires Sookie deals with aren’t as mopey as the vampires in the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer.

*Read along with me tomorrow when I review the Sherlockian mystery Dust and Shadow by Lyndsay Faye.

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